Skin Rejuvenation

The typical features of the young skin are the tight outlines. With the age however the reduced level of the estrogen evokes less production of the collagen, therefore the skin lose easily its elasticity. In order to improve their face look, nowadays many women go for the Skin Rejuvenation treatment.

What is Skin Rejuvanation?

Skin Rejuvenation is an unique treatment in the aesthetic medicine, which fights successfully the age-symptoms. The procedure helps for returning the elasticity, radiance and young outlook of your skin by using one of the most modern technologies – called IPL / Intensive Pulsed Light/. IPL is a patented by FDA technology and one of the most attractive ways to remove cosmetic defects without causing any pain or damaging the skin.

The technology

The good results are achieved by a special appliance /Quantum SR/ , produced by the world-known leader in the laser and IPL appliances – “LUMENIS”. Quantum SR device directs waves of high energy to the collagen layer of the skin. It warms up the fibres in this layer, so the effect is stimulation of the collagen production, that helps for reducing the wrinkles and for tightening the skin. Skin Rejuvenation treats successfully as well: differ types of pigmentation, wide pores, acne, scars, fine wrinkles, hippopigmentation , stretches etc.

Why should I choose Skin Rejuvanation?

  • SR is very fast and effective treatment. After the treatment you can return to your usual duties.
  • SR treats lot of cosmetic flaws with just only one treatment as well it treats the whole face and not only local places of it
  • SR treats successfully also neck and hands areas

The treatment

Usually it’s necessary to be done 5 to 6 procedures /one of every 3 weeks/ for achieving an optimal effect. SR gives a longlasting result , almost without any contra-indication. It is possible that after the treatment the treated area get redden, this redness however passes away itself for a short time.

IPL Quantum SR
Quantum SR is a high quality system, based on the using of Intensive Pulsing Light /IPL/. This appliance is very suitable fot treating the age symptoms by refreshing, revitalizing, rejuvenating the skin as well treating of fine wrinkles, age pigmentation, wide pores, acne, stretches, capillaries etc . It works successfully over the skin, without damaging it. Duration of the procedure is about 40min


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