“Еnigma” is the first centre for aesthetic medicine, medical cosmetics and physiotherapy in Plovdiv, totally equipped by the western standards with the most modern appliances,  going beyond even the boldest expectations.

The centre is localized in the central part of “Novotel Plovdiv”. In the beginning there were 4 cabins and a hairdresser’s salon available, later on, however, the centre extends its activities. The first laser appliance in 2000 for hair removal is a ruby laser, produced by the American company “Sharplane”. In the meantime, Enigma’s staff is applying successfully TCA peeling /15% и 35%/; glycolic acid peeling and also the lightest peelings - biopeelings. The French trademarks Estegerm; Collin; Maria Galland; Depileve, Darphin are completing successfully the selective therapies.

The permanent make-up starts with “GoldenEye” /Germany/. Thanks to the excellent appliance and the specific training of the high qualified medical staff  , in the beginning of  year 2000 the specialists of “Enigma” do successfully hair removal treatments, varicose veins treatments , skin rejuvenation, fillers, depigmentation treatments, chemical peelings, permanent make-up, slimming and anti-cellulite procedures, cosmetics and massage, manicure, plastic surgery and dermatology consultations.

Nowadays “Enigma” disposes of a new medical centre /near “Novotel Plovdiv”/, in the capital of Bulgaria- Sofia and in Haskovo, constantly extending its activities. In 2005 “Enigma” became an exclusive representative of the prestigious Spanish laboratories TEGOR and offers to the clients a rich assortment of cosmetic lines, developed on a natural base, as well a rich assortment of natural supplements:  Tegor Sport Line – directed specially to the sportsmen and   Bioespania Line, meant for fighting of lots aesthetic and health problems like obesity, cellulite, acne, age causing agents, varicose veins, constipation, menopause problems and many more. Later in 2008 “Enigma” became an exclusive representative of "Smart PULS" Germany- an innovative technology for intense pulse light.

“Enigma” offers as well professional training  in the following main directions:

  • Cosmetics
  • Day and evening make-up
  • Massages
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Physiotherapy
  • Management for the beauty salon

Moreover “ЕNIGMA” is the only centre in Plovdiv, later in Sofia and Haskovo,  working and applying the most modern methods and high technologies like hair removal, skin rejuvenation and varicose veins treatment, called   IPL / intensive pulsing light/.

IPL is a modern technology for long-lasting hair removal, obtained a patent and license for applying from FDA/ Food and Drug Administration/. The patent rights are owned by the world-known leader for laser and IPL appliance - “LUMЕNIS.  Nowadays IPL is considered as one of the most attractive and effective technologies, giving best results by removal of many aesthetic problems, as well by regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin, without harming the entirety the skin.

“Enigma” works with highly qualified staff and the best professionalists in the field of aesthetic medicine, cosmetics, dermatology and IPL appliance, which is your guarantee for the best results that you are going to obtain in our centre!

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