Oxygen Therapy

Innovative technology allows the use of oxygen and essential oils for face, body and respiratory (breathing) system.

Therapy is a non-invasive delivery of oxygen to the apparatus kozhata.

Function - oxygen mask , oxygen vacuum oxygen vapor spray aerosol aromatherapy, oxygen piling.

  • smoothed bumps and revitalizes skin
  • deep  influenced imperfections
  • preventing future their appearance
  •  reduced pigmentation in the skin
  •  provides skin with the necessary oxygen promotes skin regeneration after aggressive treatments (peels, laser resurfacing ) or prolonged exposure to the sun.

The device has the following tips for individual: 

I. Classic facial, oxygen peel + neinzhektivna mesotherapy hyaluronic acid extract, jumbo and vitamins A, E and C procedure helps to reduce wrinkles, and smoothing bumps and scars result visibly more youthful and supple, vibrant skin fresh and clean skin.
Price: 135lv.

II. Elimination of toxins with nozzle vacuum during this procedure, used oils, antioxidants, oil draining combined with oxygen vacuum previously stimulated points improving lymphatic circulation.

III. Oxygen Spray this procedure is carried out gently infuses oxygen which gently massages the skin, stimulates and then relax at the same time. Gives excellent results in hurt and damaged tissue through revitalizing, healing and antiseptic action of oxygen that activates and accelerates the mechanisms of damaged skin.

IV. Oxygen Injection - During this therapy, oxygen skin expands channels, pores, hair follicles, lipodystrophic glands. Solve problems associated with impervious skin quickly and efficiently.

V. Oxy Aeroaromoterapiya to maximize the effect of the treatment ; you can combine with oxygen enrichment of inhalation of essential oils that serve as an antidote to stress and fatigue, restore vitality and freshness to the skin. In the treatment of acne and smoothing characteristics make personal program products Herbal Acitve Line-TEGOR, for the treatment of acne.


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