IPL Hair Removal

Centre for aesthetic medicine “Enigma”, offers to its clients one of the most modern and up-to-date methods of laser hair removal through the technology of the Intensive Pulsing Light /IPL/. The innovative technology of the intensive pulsing light allows definite removal of undesired hairing, patented by prestigious FDA /Food and Drug Administration/, organization responsible for giving approval for the application of scientific methods and medicines in medical practice. The patent rights are given to the world leader in the production of laser and IPL technologies for aesthetic and cosmetic needs – LUMENIS Inc., company result from the union of two powerful companies – ESC / Sharplan Coherent Medical Group/ . ESC technology in the year of 1991, and nowadays the Intensive Pulsing Light is considered to be one of the most attractive and effective technologies, a guarantee for perfect results in the achieving of definite hair removal.

What does IPL laser hair removal represents?

Intensive pulsing light acts on the melanin pigment, which is found in the hair and hair follicle. The melanin absorbs the energy from the light and transforms it into heat, being conductor of energy to the hair follicle and destroys it through the technology of selective heating without harming the skin in the surrounding area. Together with this, it decreases and destroys the potential for second growth of hair follicles. The destroying of the follicles of blond hairs, which do not contain melanin, happens under the influence of the heat wave from the surrounding tissues. Due to the thermal pauses in the impulses and the additional cooling, the method restores the integrity of epidermis and guarantees perfect results and takes care for your good self-care.


  • Noninvasive /bloodless/ method 
  • High efficiency, reliability, a guarantee for final removal of undesired hairing. 
  • Selective treatment on hair, without harming skin and dermal structures. 
  • Removes light-colored and thin hairs. 
  • Suitable for sensitive areas /bikini-line, armpit area/ 
  • Quick procedure 
  • Suitable for face and body 

The procedure

In order to achieve best results in ipl hair removal 4 to 8 procedures are needed, the first result represented in the thinning and decrease in growth of the hairing until gradually and progressively all hair follicles in the treated area be destroyed and exterminated. It is imported to be familiar with the fact that the treatment influences only the follicles being their active stage of growth. In their other two phases /the stage of resting and the transitional stage/ the hair is resistant. It is desirable that to the moment of procedures all hairs be on the surface. The use of kinds of epilators makes it more difficult and ineffective. The risk of side effects is brought to minimum, but the treatment is not recommended to pregnant women, as well as to very young patients. Not recommended either in cases of advanced diseases, diabetes, oncologic and acute infectious diseases, sun tan or after solarium. The duration depends on the treated area IPL QUANTUM HR 
is a modern therapeutic system of a new generation operating on the principle of the selective thermolyse with integrated refrigeration system, with application of the intensive pulsing light. Treats successfully areas with undesirable haring on body and face with long-lasting result, it is a reliable and guaranteed method for definitive hair removal of problem areas without harming the epidermis. Ensures quick and effective procedure, combines laser treatment with the advantages of IPL technology. It has compact, modern design and a possibility for adapting parameters on choosing personal treatments. Depending on the kind of the procedure and on the treated area, its duration varies.

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