Our special offer for this season is regarded to the whitening therapies, regenerating of the skin and fight with the sun light damages.

We have the pleasure to present you the modern device for Microdermabrasion treatment– “SILKDERMIC”, developed for progressive, non-aggressive micro controlled mechanical peeling of the skin. The Micro controlled peeling system gradually exfoliates the epidermal cells and treats a wide range of cutaneous flaws, bringing excellent results, which can be seen after the first treatment. “SORISA” obtains the patent of the nozzle, which emits crystals onto the surface of the skin, resulting in a gentle abrasion or "polishing" process. The treatment is absolutely safe, without disturbing the entirety of the skin. It gently removes the dead cells, without reddening the skin. It’s recommended to be done 6 to 10 treatments /once in a week/ for achieving optimal result. This is recommended also for the stretch, scars and acne treatments.

Microderbrasion acts in two main directions:

Correction- flow of inert abrasive crystals, which removes the superficial epidermal layer and uncovers softer and fresher skin.

Stimulation- the vacuum sucks in the dead skin cells together with the used crystals. The process stimulates the microcirculation, increase the blood flow and respective the nutrient stuff supplying, which stimulates the collagen as well elastin production and improves the skin structure.

MICRODERMABRASION is the only modern system for exfoliating of the epidermal cells, which is clinically tested with established action. It is a complex system that includes within professional method, professional device and science developed products with complementary action for regenerating the cells and recovering the natural protection of the skin. The therapy is very effective for soothing roughness on the skin, erasing the wrinkles and pigmental spots. It can be successfully combined with the Skin Rejuvenation treatment!

The result to obtain is smooth, elastic, healthy and radiant skin. It’s applied by all types of skin and all parts of the body any time of the year. The treatment is absolutely safe, without disturbing your usual activities. The procedure is short /30-40 min./ . Recommended number of treatments – 6 to 10 once in week. 
Microdermabrasion is very suitable for:

  • rough and oily skin
  • fine wrinkles around eyes and lips area
  • acne scars
  • hyperpigmentation
  • stretches
  • operation scars
  • anti-age treatment



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