TCA peel

Most of the time in our life, we are exposed to various stress factors, which have negative influence on our skin. These stressors cause dehydration, damage the elasticity or form hyper-pigmentation of various origins. As a result of this the skin fades noticeably.
The prevention and treatment against such aesthetic flaws is accomplished through the so called ‘chemical peeling’. The chemical peeling treatment is a method of a deep exfoliating/peeling of the skin. It’s a controlled, carefully observed process of removing the damaged collagen and elastin fibers and stimulating the synthesis of new ones.
Center  ‘Enigma’ offers to you the most up-to-date and effective method of chemical peeling, applied by our high qualified medical staff.

TCA peel /trichloroacetic acid / is one of the most demanded and best preferred types of peeling, which allows exfoliating of the damaged skin without leaving scars and causing pigmentation of the skin. It’s perfectly effective in cases of sun damaged skin, acne or pigmentation problems.
Depending on the depth of the penetration into the skin, this chemical peeling is commonly used  either with 5% or 30% concentration.

Our specialists will choose the right concentration of the TCA peel, according to the individual characteristics of your skin, which going to guarantee the best results!


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