Recovery after baby delivery period

One of the most serious factors for the women’s after-delivery depression is the decreased self-confidence. Usually this problem appears due to the body changes after delivery like flabby skin, cellulite, stretches and other aesthetic flaws. Caring for the mothers, “Enigma” has already found a solution for this problem! Confide in us and we are going to return the perfect outlook of your body!

The stretch, slimming and anti-cellulite treatments will go to return the elasticity of your skin and bring the best results by the women in the after-delivery period.  Thanks to the modern appliance and technologies, „Еnigma” successfully fights the stretches, cellulite and flabby skin. Our centre offers  either manual massages , as well treatments with the  most modern appliance, produced by the world-known leader in this field – “SORISA”.


Dermosonic is a device, specially  meant for slimming and body firming treatment, remodeling,  removing of the stretches and scars, as well circulation problems. Dermosonic combines two very important options:  ultrasound and  vacuum massage for achieving the best results. A special programme for “recovery after delivery period” cares for the skin smoothing, tightening and modeling of the body  by returning its nice outlook and the self-confidence of the woman. Eliminates successfully  the adipose  accumulation in the field of the body, thighs, hands and  hips.
The device has two more programmes like:

  • Programme before and after liposuction .
  • Programme for softening  the operation scars and wounds

With its unique functions the ultrasound  achieves the following main effects:

  • Mechanical effect: it means accelerating of the diffusion process; improves the cell metabolism and the lymphatic circulation.
  • Thermal effect: by resistance of the body towards the mechanical movements, is released a heat , which also stimulates  the cell metabolism and circulation.
  • Therapeutic effect -   the stimulated circulation works over the elasticity of the tissues by improving it, as well causes a relaxing effect on the muscles.

As a result of its unique functions,  Dermosonic fights successfully  the flabby skin, obesity, stretches and cellulite.
The treatment’s duration is nearly 1hour 15 min  and its recommended to be completed with mesotherapy treatment. 

But this is not everything!  Fighting this serious problem, “Enigma” offers you more:

Choco Therapy

In past times chocolate has become a remarkable beauty ingredient specially renamed in the aesthetic field.
Cacao has a great amount of poliphenols, very powerful anti-oxidant, and Tanins, with a an important action on blood-vessels dilatation and free radicals fighting action. Free radicals are responsible for cell aging.
In the body treatments, chocolate actives the lymphatic circulation and also has anti-cellulite and firming action.
In face treatments, chocolate improves micro-circulation, cell oxygenation and tissues regeneration.

Among all its actions we can point up:

  • Anti-wrinkles: Due to the content in Magnesium (Mg), Copper (Cu) and Zinc (Zn) all of them producers of collagen and elastine.
  • Firming: By the content of vitamins B1, B2, B3 and folic acid, it leaves your face smooth and tight.
  • Nourishing: It provides to your skin all the necessary ingredients and oligo-elements necessary to carry out the vital functions.
  • Antioxidant: This is due to the content of poliphenols.
  • Anti-cellulite: Chocolate is very rich in Theobromine, that besides its slimming action it also improves the skin tone.
  • Vessel protector and draining: The flavonoids help in case of liquid retention and protect the blood circulation.
  • Moisturising action on the skin.
  • Regenerating.-  Due to its content in Anto-cyanine and flavonoids.
  • Relaxing- Chocolate is very rich in feniletilamine, a substance that increase the levels of serotonine (with close relation in people state of mind) and endorphines, brain hormones responsible of the relax and calming sensations. For this reason is said that chocolate improves your state of mind..

It is advised in the following cosmetic treatments: anti-aging, skin protectors against environmental agents, sun-protection, local anti-cellulite and slimming treatments, relaxing, face and body masks. It is also advised for dry, aged and atone skins.

Geothermal therapy with volcanic stones

The geothermal therapy is a brand-new massage technique, meant for achieving a harmony and balance between the nature and the human’s body.  This treatment provides to the body complete relax by using cold or warm stones, acting on 2 levels:

  • static level – acting over some special points of the human’s body
  • dynamic level – using some special massage techniques

The warm stones increase the blood flow in the treated zone and in the same time provides relaxing effect over the muscles, it reduce the pain as well.
The cold stones cause a flexion of the blood vessels by releasing histamine and other substances which reduce the pain

Tropical Bamboo massage

This is an exotic massage, done with special natural bamboo sticks, combined with using of aromatic oils. It regenerates and improves the structure of the tissues, eliminates the toxins, revitalize and sooth the skin. For the bamboo massage is used a special technique, that helps the body  to achieve complete relax  and hamony. It removes the stress and make one feels pleasant and comfortable.
One interesting fact: The bamboo is one of the most important factors in the Eastern Phylosophy for achieving of spiritual peace and harmony.



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