Stretch marks

Stretches are an unusually unpleasant cosmetic deviation from aesthetic appearance of the skin, which  often cause depression and low spirits of the women. They appear as a result of damages in the connective tissue threads due to atrophy or collagen loss. This leads to the skin losing of elasticity and flexibility and to appearing of ugly lines with light violet or red color on the skin.
 Stretch marks appear mainly during puberty and pregnancy, or in cases of sudden change in weight. The hormones of the adrenal gland have the main role for their formation as they participate in the metabolism processes.
Wishing to restore your self-confidence and good skin, ‘Enigma’ has a special attitude to this problem solution. In the fight with the stretch marks and deformed skin our specialists apply the most up-to-date and effective methods, combined with most modern techniques and technologies to achieve perfect, long-lasting results.

Revolution technology IPL /intensive pulsing light/ is the best decision for stretch mark treatment. The so called procedure ‘Skin rejuvenation’ is especially effective for the lines removal, using the IPL QUANTUM SR therapeutic systems /produced by world famous leader in the field of laser and IPL appliances - ‘Lumenis’/. The appliance operates on the principle of the selective photothermolyse, using intensive pulsing light to erase stretch marks, smoothes the skin and restores its healthy appearance. Combining the selective photothermolyse and the thermoelectric relaxation guarantees the successful impact on the within cutaneous structures without harming the epidermis.

Another effective method for stretch marks removal is the Ultrasound treatment. Our specialists work with one of the most reliable appliances in this sphere: DERMOSONIC /produced by prestigious ‘SORISA’ company/.

The appliance is specially designed for  slimming and muscle tightening procedures, scars and stretch marks removal, combining ultrasound /US 6000/ and noninvasive subdermal therapy /NIST/. Successfully eliminates adipose accumulation in abdomen, hands, and thighs or hips area. Smoothes shapes and firms flabby skin and muscles. The unique functions of the ultrasound achieve results in the following directions:

  • Mechanical effect: accelerates diffusion processes; improves cell metabolism and cell circulation. Helps releasing cohesions, especially when releasing collagen fibers and softenening innercell ‘cement’.
  • Electrothermal effect: throughout the process of body’s natural resistance against mechanical movements, heat is released, which itself stimulates cell metabolism and blood circulation.
  • Therapeutical effect: increasing cell circulation, increasing cell membrane permeability, modification of colloid structures, increasing elasticity of tissue, give muscles relaxing effect.

Due to its unique functions, Dermosonic fights stretches, cellulite and flabby skin and excessive fat successfully as well restores your tonus, health, and self-confidence.
The procedure is performed by a specialist and it lasts for an hour and a half. It’s recommended to end with mesotherapy.   

Besides these two basic methods, “Enigma” offers different kinds of peelings, which remove dead skin cells, restore skin elasticity and have positive effect on its recovery from unpleasant atrophy marks.


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