Therapy only for men

O, you’re not wrong, dear gentlemen! This is just your relax area – the place where your body and soul can enjoy genuine exotic and fresh atmosphere. Allow yourself to drift away from everyday fuss and enjoy moments of leisure. Undoubtedly, this will influence your spirits! We are being exposed to everyday stress circumstances, psychical and sometimes physical pressure. Moreover, harmful agents such as sunshine, polluted environment, our not so healthy way of life reflect not only women’s but men’s skin too. For these reason we have developed a special program of SPA treatment, especially for man care. The program includes professional facial and body massage with etheric oils and actives, allowing effective exfoliating, moisturizing, toning and regenerating of skin. This realizes stress in muscles and gives back refreshed appearance. And as you know, tonus is a guarantee for improved self-confidence and good shape. Get yourself convinced!

And there is much more!

Our centre for aesthetic cosmetics offers to your attention: professional therapies for photo-rejuvenation, acne treatment, peelings, long-lasting hair removal, and special Oil Clean Line for cleaning of face.
And if you are willing to keep the results from the SPA therapy, “Enigma” offers another attractive cosmetic line of Spanish Laboratories “Tegor”, thinking about up-to-date man. More and more concerned about the care that man’s skin demands, Tegoder Cosmetics’ Men Face Care line satisfies these needs with a complete range of products.

The line includes:

After Shave Gel
Alcohol-free protecting gel, based on cocoon extract that favors moisturizing and nourishing of the skin after the shave.

Extra Rich Moisturizing Balsam
Balsam based on sea weed and vitamins, specific for normal, dry and dehydrated skins.

Sensitive Moisturizing Balsam
The action of allantoin, Aloe vera and sunflower extract favors the moisturizing, calming and nourishing effect of this balsam, specific for sensitive, intolerant and easily irritable skins.

Anti-Age Moisturizing Balsam
Formulated using vitamin A or retinol, and vitamin E, this balsam stands out because of its moisturizing and anti-wrinkles action. It is specific for mature or premature aged skins.

Oily and Mixed Moisturizing Gel
Specially recommended for mixed and/or oily skins, with matte effect, that absorbs and balances the excess of sebaceous secretion. Maintains the skin moisturized and without brights. 


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