Gold Orchid - Allways young skin

Eternaly young skin!


- It has humectant, protecting, repairing and nourishing properties.
- Powerful free radical neutralising activity.
- It improves cell activity.
- It improves the skin relief, diminishing the depth of wrinkles and improving the
restructuring of the skin.


orchid,extract, coenzyme Q10,
vitamin C, vitamin E. THC
tetrahydropiperine, moisturising
and emollient

Gold Orchid Cream 50 ml
Highly concentrated cream whose more remarkable actives are orchid extract,
coenzyme Q10, vitamins C and E, THC (tetrahydrocurcuminoid), hydrolysed
wheat proteins, tetrahydropiperine and soy hydrolysed.

Gold Orchid Nectar 30 ml
Serum constituted by a gel base of quick and efficient penetration.

Gold Orchid Cleansing Milk 200 ml
Cleansing milk based on orchid extract.

Gold Orchid Tonic Lotion 200 ml
Revitalising and cleansing tonic lotion based on orchid extract.



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