Facial therapy

For keeping our skin young and beautiful, is not enough only using cosmetics of a high quality.  The age causes lot of damages on skin. For that reason the skin loses elasticity and radiance as well obtains its first wrinkles. That’s why it is necessary to pay more attention on this problem and search some professional solutions. Here comes our medical centre “Enigma”, which going to present you the best professional therapy for fighting the age symptoms and keeping your skin radiant and pretty.

The physiotherapy face treatment is one of the most successful ways for achieving good face outlook. The treatment is done by the multifunctional system BELEX 08, produced by SORISA.
BELEX 08 is a combined facial unit, used for  all skin types with the following main functions:

  • high frequency
  • desincrustation
  • vacuum suction
  • steamer
  • brossage
  • microgalvanic
  • electrostimulation
  • smooth passive exercise
  • intensive passive exercise

These all functions achieve deep cleansing, hydratation, nourishment and soothing the skin. The passive muscle exercises improve the local metabolic process, activates the blood and lymphatic circulation, tones up the skin.
High Frequency has a soothing effect to calm down irritated skin and also has anti bactericidal effects to heal acne skin.
Desincrustation is a galvanic treatment used to achieve deep cleansing by drawing out impurities and the excess sebum.
This treatment however must not be done more often than every 10 days, otherwise the opposite effect would occur, the sebum would be overstimulated and more would be produced instead of less.
The VO-10 aromatherapy steamer can be attached to the machine, giving a deep cleanse and contributing the penetration of healing and soothing oils into the skin. Ideal prior to galvanic as steam helps to open the pores.
One single unit combines all the necessary elements for the facial treatments
The modern design and the universal functions of the Belex 08 system make its use easy and comfortable. This way are achieved some important effects such as like

  • Thermal effect
  • Antibacterial effect
  • Calming and soothing effect

The application of the system could be done  in 3 different ways:

  • by direct application
  • by indirect application
  • by indirect massage

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